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        Soldering Machine

        Product Image (SR-UW20)

        Ultrasonic Welding Machine

        Price: 4399-6999 USD ($)/Set

        Welding main parts: Transducer, mold, electric box   Automatic tracking of energy, time, welding time, energy, air pressure, width, amplitude can be adjusted  

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        face mask machine

        Features 1. Fully automatic,high performance and save labor cost; 2. Servo motor controls the ear band machine ,fast and stable,low failure rate; 3. PLC control board,easy operation 3. Equipment Components

        Product Image (310)

        auto feeder soldering station

        Price: 41.00 - 49.00 USD ($)
        • Delivery Time:7 Days
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        FPC FFC Flat Cable Soldering Machine

        Price: 6000 USD ($)

        Provided FPC FFC Flat Cable Soldering Machines are absolute technical solution providers for wire & cable industry. The products are provided with state-of-the-art accessories & machinery. Rendered space-efficient products are highly convenient for larger projects and are highly suitable for consistency in operation. These heavy-duty machines are offered with functional precision and optimal serviceability.  

        Product Image (25)

        SSB Main Soldering Machine

        We are providing best quality SSB Main Soldering Machines, which are featured with most durable components incorporating computer applications. Suited for several electrical applications, these solder wires & chips and are offered with high capacity, enhanced compatibility, and adequate strength. Noted for their durability, outstanding tensile strength and corrosion resistance, these are extremely functional.  

        Product Image (MC301)

        Fpc Soldering Machine

        Offered Fpc Soldering Machines are capable to solder the pieces of material, via means of liquifying a soft metal to the welded pieces. The soldering process of the Machine enable speedy & neat connections to plumbing, jewelry and electronic equipments. The Machine are the particular instances of modern welding techniques, which proffer perfect functionality in all stages.  

        Product Image (22)

        Pulse Soldering Machine

        We are dealing in best quality Pulse Soldering Machines, which are noted for their operational procedures of stamp soldering as well as resistance soldering. The procedure of these machines employ a resistance heater and enable a faster ramp to the needed solder melt temperature. These also help in minimizing the potential for thermal impairment to components or materials in the surrounding areas.  

        Product Image (28)

        Robotic Soldering Machine

        Offered Robotic Soldering Machine are accessible in different models, alternatives and technical methods to enable clients to select the optimal configurations to cater their needs. The products eliminate the possibility of issues such as high thermal capacity components, heat dissipating circuit boards, lead-free parts.  

        Product Image (23)

        HDMI Soldering Machine

        Price: 7000 USD ($)

        Supplied HDMI Soldering Machine are used for metal contact-less welding. The solder operation of the provided products is simple and have high speed. Provided products with increased efficiency are totally safe & practical. These can efficiently improve the welding operation, and make the soldering uniform and comely. The Machine provide the flexibility to adjust the welding time, cooling time, welding temperature, welding quantity etc.  

        Product Image (27)

        PCB Soldering Machine

        We offer PCB Soldering Machines helps in removing components, which have been incorrectly settled or poorly aligned. The assorted stages in the PCB assembly procedures are picking & placing of the components, adding solder paste to the board, soldering, test & inspection etc. Provided high-end production equipments are extremely practical and thus provide enough time to turn out the business in first few months of activity.